How We Help

  • Market and Festival Events

    START raises funds for its projects through donations which it receives through markets, festivals and other events. Each donation, no matter the size, has a great impact on the aid START is able to provide to those in need.


Funds Raised

  • Food Delivery to the Unhoused

    Every Sunday morning, START, along with volunteers from Street Kitchen, delivers 50+ meals and supplies to the unhoused living on the streets of downtown St. Louis. The ingredients for each meal are paid for by START, and the meals themselves are prepared each morning by local refugee chefs.


Meals Delivered

  • Delivery/Moving Assistance

    START rents moving trucks to deliver furniture and appliances to refugee families in need. START also assists moving families, by renting trucks and delivering their belongings to their new homes.


Families Assisted

  • Drivers License Education Program

    Refugee women are able to enroll in one-on-one driving instruction to learn the requirements for obtaining a state issued driver's license.

  • Veterans Meal Delivery Program (coming soon!)

    START will begin delivering meals to homebound and disabled veterans winter of 2019-2020. Each meal will be made by a local refugee chef who puts great care into creating ethnic dishes that are healthy and delicious.